To Forgive is Divine

for•give•ness fər-gĭv′nĭs, fôr- n.The act of forgiving; pardon. n.The act of forgiving; the act of granting pardon, as for a wrong, offense, or sin; remission of an obligation, debt, or penalty; pardon. n.Disposition or willingness to forgive or pardon. Ahh this can be a tricky thing. The definition of forgiveness is a little misleading becauseContinue reading “To Forgive is Divine”

What Is The Ego?

Much has been written about the ego and much will continue to be written about the ego. This is simply because the human ego is so fascinating. We (EZ Awakenings) made an inspirational documentary about the ego and what we discovered during the course of our interviews was that many people, when asked in depth,Continue reading “What Is The Ego?”

Mental Health Bucket List

1. Visit a therapist: If only to see who is behind the curtain. The more you know the less scary things will seem. 2. Turn off the screens: Choose a day to abstain from looking at TV’s, computers, cell phones etc. Anything with a glowing surface that blathers on and on is strictly prohibited. ItContinue reading “Mental Health Bucket List”


It’s a somber moment when you realize that the latest mass shooting was only a few miles away from Columbine Highschool. Columbine, if you remember, was location to the school shooting that launched us into what has become a “fad” for the “angry and isolated” youths of society. Since then, for some insane reason, walkingContinue reading “Control”

From Worst Enemy to Best Friend

Productive and successful is the best way I can describe this past month except for the last day when I totally forgot about an important meeting which was scheduled three months in advance. I had simply forgotten to add it into my calendar. It ended up costing me money, embarrassment, and the much dreaded derailmentContinue reading “From Worst Enemy to Best Friend”

Transcending the Conditioned Mind

As the birthing process concludes, the excitement of a new baby reverberates as joy, tears, relief, ecstasy, possibilities and hope. As soon as the newborn takes the first breath, the entire room fills with the loud cries letting everyone know, “I am healthy and alive”. The cries are quickly silenced and this authentic voice isContinue reading “Transcending the Conditioned Mind”