To Forgive is Divine

for•give•ness fər-gĭv′nĭs, fôr- n.The act of forgiving; pardon. n.The act of forgiving; the act of granting pardon, as for a wrong, offense, or sin; remission of an obligation, debt, or penalty; pardon. n.Disposition or willingness to forgive or pardon. Ahh this can be a tricky thing. The definition of forgiveness is a little misleading becauseContinue reading “To Forgive is Divine”

Mental Health Checklist

1. Gratitude: Choose some things or people that you have in your life, and say, I am thankful for fill in the blank. Say it out loud and go into what you feel. The feeling is more important than the words. 2. Forgiveness: Realize that you did the best you could do the day before,Continue reading “Mental Health Checklist”