Break Those Chains

Limitations are a bitch. There’s no avoiding them, and they suck ass when we hit that inevitable ceiling. You know the one I’m talking about, the one that reminds us of the fun-killing boundaries we are trapped within. However, what if you did not have to remain stuck? What if it were you that putContinue reading “Break Those Chains”

That Aha! Moment

Did you ever wonder how or why these moments happen? Where do they come from? Well, they happen in times of mental quietude. They seem to appear out of nowhere. That’s because they need some space to be created. This is why people are stopped in their tracks before and after this spontaneous…ness. You mayContinue reading “That Aha! Moment”

Death of the Demon

I sit in my studio late at night. Ideas roam through my mind as I search for solutions and think of creative ideas to introduce to the world. But there’s a voice in the room. It speaks softly, sometimes in whisper, sometimes in echo, but it’s there… nagging me. Reminding me: “Play it safe” “Don’tContinue reading “Death of the Demon”

Fear the Working Dead: Rejoining the Living

When you’re ready to quit the job you were afraid to lose…

Insecurity Blanket

Have you ever wondered where insecurity comes from? It comes from fear. The fear of not being good enough. You may have been told by your parents, or the bully down the street. This made you angry. And because you hurt, you may want to hurt yourself more or hurt other people.So you may beContinue reading “Insecurity Blanket”

Emotional Awareness

The human being has 42 facial muscles at its disposal to express its feelings. Though, of all the possible ways to show our feelings our emotions can be broken down to 4: Fear Anger Sadness Happiness Or… FASH© (copyright EZ Awakenings 2018) Joking aside, our emotions will travel with us for the duration of ourContinue reading “Emotional Awareness”