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EZ Awakenings will work with your organization to create the most effective videos to promote your cause and inspire others to action. Decades of experience at your disposal.


The Ego and Me

This documentary was our attempt to explain the workings of the ego and how it negatively and positively impacts our lives every day. When we gain insight into the mind we empower ourselves to make positive changes and improve our mental health.

“Very well done, I really enjoyed watching! Very thought provoking.”Dana A.

TV Series

Mental Health Unplugged

A documentary series about real people looking for real solutions to the most common problems affecting our daily lives such as social media addiction. We bring professionals and ordinary people together to find solutions to the world’s mental health matters.

“Helpful video. Must watch for anyone who feels they have a problem with social media addiction.” – Tasha H. S.

EZ Awakenings

Royal Oak, Michigan

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