Not Just Black and White

We live in a world that is constantly changing. We’re being confronted with our mortality during this quarantine, and the pandemic has revealed so many fissures in the social system. I’m not just talking about the U.S. either. This is happening all over the world. Where did we lose control? Well, we never had controlContinue reading “Not Just Black and White”

Getting Into the Zone

The zone is a place of pure bliss and awareness, it is that prized state of enlightenment we spiritual seekers seek, and that plane of existence the world of the miserable needs to know about. It is true salvation; for, as some of you already know, landing 4 million dollars in your bank account willContinue reading “Getting Into the Zone”

I Don’t Know?

“I don’t know” can be a very scary thing to admit to most people. You may believe that it is a sign of weakness. We’ve all heard the cliche, a guy is afraid to ask for directions so he drives in circles refusing to give in. We all know better, but fear makes us doContinue reading “I Don’t Know?”

About Us

EZ Awakenings started with the sole intention of making educational videos to help grow our community’s emotional intelligence. But after the success of The Ego & Me, our first documentary, people started asking the team to conduct seminars and workshops. Before long, a simple idea snowballed into a nonprofit organization designed to reach as many people around the world as it could. And here we are today, here to serve you.

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EZ Awakenings

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