There Will Always Be A Few Bad Eggs

Business Partnerships are one of the toughest relationships to maintain, particularly if there is a friendship involved. This is due, of course, to the inclusion of emotions and an additional set of expectations held by the friendship. When the added weight of monetary goal setting gets involved, not everyone views methods, ideas, and aspirations in the same light, easily leading to misunderstandings and arguments.

On the flip side to this, because money so frequently represents our survival in this mad, mad world, not having a friendship with those you’ve engaged in business with makes trusting others difficult, and not being able to trust others with your future can drive you insane.

Sadly, however, there is a certain type of mindset in the world, one many of us carry and are not aware of. This mindset allows for the manipulation of others in an effort to gain goods for their own ends at your expense.

We shall refer to these individuals as *twats in this blog.

To help better understand how to defend against twats (and their twattage) and to achieve better outcomes in the aftermath of their wake, we shall examine the core elements at hand. We shall also take a look at how to better protect yourself, recognize a twat when you see one, and how to deal with any emotional stench that may linger inside of you.

Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Are people perfect?
  • No, people, like life, are far from perfect, as can be seen in every individual’s life, even influencers and the appearance of their perfect arses
  • Should we strive to be perfect?
  • The notion of “perfection” is an illusion—think of a film, how engaging, thought provoking, or substantial would a movie be without the setbacks, hurdles, and challenges we all face?
  • Can you experience life without running into shysters, conmen, hooligans, scallywags, scoundrels, and boogiemen?
  • Answer this by asking this: have you ever met someone who does not face challenging people or adversity with relative frequency?
  • Many people may look like they are “living the dream” but everyone, white, black… orange, rich or poor, faces incredible and crippling obstacles throughout their life, especially if they are trying to “keep up with the Joneses”

How to Handle Twats in the Midst of Twattage

  • Understand the nature of the twat:





1. a person regarded as stupid or obnoxious.

2. someone who changes their mind constantly and is frequently at odds with their own opinion.

  • Fight or flight
  • The Panic response or otherwise commonly known as the “Fight or Flight” response reduces clarity of the mind in times of duress by placing the host mind in a state of hyper focus,
  • In unstable or willy-nilly minds, too much frequency in this state can cause extreme paranoia, high susceptibility of ridiculous conspiracy theories, and frequent attempts to “strike first” at the perceived adversaries
  • Pick your battles
  • Twats enjoy frequent dramatic disputes over insignificant issues and will often criticize others for their imperfections in an effort to “draw you in”
  • Use caution when communicating with a twat, as the above “honey-potting” technique will feed off of your vitality, creative flow, positive energy, etc. for its own primitive emotional gains
  • Twats will draw you into a web of circular logic because that, in itself, is a victory to the twat
  • If engaged in a charged battle over nonsensical topics that neither add nor improve any given situation or circumstance (other than blowing up the twats ego), it might be best to take a deep breath, nod your head, say “oh?”, and change topic to something unrelated and actually productive
  • The importance of transparency
  • Honest Conflict has more social value than Dishonest Harmony, said Joe Rogan
  • This means that too many people smile through their teeth in order to maintain outer pleasantries so that they do not have to face the harsher, more upsetting truths
  • Nevertheless, that strained pain in their jaws remain, waiting for future conflicts to lash out in a tirade of overblown jackassery
  • Learning how to trust
  • After a scarring debacle it can be difficult to place your trust in others
  • This is why it is highly important to understand the personalities you are dealing with and thus understanding the levels of trust you can place within another human being
  • No two twats are the same
  • How to spot your own ego
  • It is important to understand that you may indeed be the twat
  • If you suspect yourself of twat-like behavior, or exhibit frequent similar behaviors, now would be a good time for introspective examination
  • Being a twat now doesn’t mean you have to be a twat tomorrow, we can all be a twat from time to time
  • If your actions lead to frequent isolation, if everyone you meet eventually becomes a “narcissist, if everything is a conspiracy, please re-read this blog from an inward perspective
  • Knowing when to let go
  • A friendship turned sour, particularly through a business partnership, can be a difficult situation to endure
  • If you are dealing with a friend-turned twat and said twat has cut ties with you, and has no interest in seeing yo face, you have been “low-key ghosted”
  • This is when the twat is smiling through their teeth and puts on a happy face until all remaining items are “shipped” back because they made the mistake of stomping away like children before securing their belongings
  • If you are experiencing any of the above, be sure to avoid any forms of self-pity, ridicule, groveling to re-acquire the friendship, or begging of any kind
  • These forms of harsh disconnections are often attempts to “punish” you for not feeding the twats ego (Ex. For not asking “what did I do wrong?”)
  • Should the individual in twat stasis come to out of their condition, the friendship will likely find its natural course correction, in the meantime, however, it’s time to let go

Foolproof Defense Against Twats

  • Being prepared
  • Go through all of the above and acquire a keen eye for twats
  • You can spot a twat when an individual has “X-Ray Vision” in seeing the egos around it but blind to the ego within itself
  • Dealing with the aftermath
  • Twats can leave heavy emotional baggage, be prepared to refocus on productive alternative goals for emotional balance and progressiveness
  • Twats rarely if ever admit when they make a mistake, so don’t wait for this recognition or apology to come
  • Self-compassion (staying away from self-judgement)
  • Be aware of your own twattery against yourself
  • Residual negativity & the ripple effect of heavy emotion can also prolong the “shittiness” of the situation
  • Always be wary of self-victimization as this is a surefire method to convert a healthy mind into a twatty mind
  • It’s not a conspiracy and its not fate (No Fate)
  • The world is full of twats, you will meet many of them, no matter what “the universe” thinks, wants, or is “conspiring to lead you towards”
  • Not everyone’s a reptile
  • If everything is “fate” then there is no need to mention when “fate arises” as the process leading to fate was fate itself, and me writing this is fate typing each letter, and you reading it is fate steering your eyes, and that giant poo you need to take is fate waiting to squeeze itself out of you
  • If fate is only the big stuff and not the little stuff, then fate is not fate at all, it is the results of your actions, choices, and perceptions
  • Responsibility for your life is yours. With great power comes… well, you know the rest.

*No Twats were harmed during the making of this blog

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