Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

One is indeed the loneliest number. But multiple ones makes a team of ten… or something like that. Teamwork is essential to our lives. However, it is essential to explore the mechanics of why teamwork is important. Take a look below and examine a few clever breakdowns of the various elements of teamwork mechanics.

There’s no I in team, but there is a “me”

  • Each “me” has a personal investment in the goal of the team
  • Each “me” has needs to be fulfilled from the teamwork
  • Each “me” must understand that every other “me” also has needs
  • If these needs aren’t met, then those “me’s” turn into an “I”
  • And if there’s an I in team then there is no “meat”
  • And if there’s no “meat” no one eats!

There may not always be just one alpha in the group

  • “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton
  • Often there are multiple strong wills and potential leaders
  • To avoid confrontation, it is best to focus the team’s effort on a common goal
  • The benefits of this are:
  1. Needs are fulfilled
  2. Potential for better payoff (increased pay/more profit/etc.)
  3. Builds respect amongst team members
  4. Creates and intensifies trust
  5. Reduction of stress (takes weight off shoulders)

Understand the difference in strengths of each team member

  • Everyone is unique, discover the team’s uniqueness and find a way to let each member shine
  • “I’m better than he is” will only weigh the team down, it sucks the energy out of the group
  • Discover each member’s weaknesses
  • Only by knowing your weakness can you overcome adversity

Embrace honesty and transparency (and steer clear of asshole judgements)

  • Be open to discussions about disagreements
  • “Honest conflict has more social value that dishonest harmony” – Joe Rogan
  • Conflict can lead to positive change when handled maturely
  • Diversity wins, bigotry loses

Find opportunities to connect outside of the work environment

  • Meet for lunch – go relax together
  • Seeing team members outside of “goal chasing” mode will help you connect
  • Remember that everyone has problems and challenges outside of work, just like you

Embrace “The Strange”

  • “Think outside of the box”—We’ve all heard the term but few ever do
  • Embrace far-fetched ideas, there may be a concept that takes your endeavors to news heights
  • Take chances, the comfort zone is not your friend

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