Out of Body Experience

It took months of effort. Many nights alone in my room, meditating with transcendental intent. I would feel within my body for a sort of stream of energy. Perhaps, it was the flow of blood within my veins. Perhaps, it was the heat coursing between my muscle. Nevertheless, something was there, and it was this feeling, this “inner awareness” that served as a precursor to nearly every experience that followed. One night, a hot summer night, I sat in my bed. The room was dark, lit by only the moonlight shining through the thin white blinds on my window. At its base spun the blades of a fan, blowing a mild breeze against my exposed arms.

At that moment, I felt a shift in sensation, followed by a ringing of sorts. Yet, this was not an external sound, and it was accompanied by a vibration, a very strong inner rumbling that traversed from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. With this feeling the noise traveled, raising my level of alert to its max. “It’s happening,” I remember thinking. This point had come before, though typically I would excite myself out of the sensation and rise from my reclined position. On this night, however, I let the vibrations continue. I felt my weight dropping, as if stripping myself of two hundred pounds of clothing, and, stranger still, the free me began to lift.

Oddly enough, I had little control over my movement. My thoughts retained the majority control, to which my “body” reacted with a very slow pace. Sitting up came as if in echo to my command, and when I sat 90 degrees upright, I attempted to touch my hands. It was here I knew what was happening.

I had done it. I had successfully experienced an OBE (out of body experience).

My hands, sharp in focus but absent of detail, went right through one another. The realization snapped me back into a reclined position without the blink of an eye. Here, I found control back in my limbs. Instantly, I sat back up, excited. The years following would only increase and diversify these experiences. Everything from floating around my room to shooting straight upwards into the thick of the clouds.

I’ve heard a thousand explanations as to what these were. Some call them mental illusions. Others regard them as soul sucking antics from the devil. I, on the other hand, I have not found a solid conclusion. I’ve seen things that correlated to future predictions. I heard things from people who were not of the living. Was any of it real? Of course, it was. On some form, some level of experience, it all happened. The real question you’re trying to figure out is: did it happen on a tangible plane of existence relative to you.

The answer does not matter.

The real jewel to be excavated from these experiences was not the long sought out answer of where, when, and how did I experience these amazing journeys. The real treasure was from the growth in awareness. These experiences not only opened my eyes to the possibilities of human potential, but they quite literally took me outside of myself. Every time I would go beyond the boundaries of my body, I felt a heavenly sensation that could only be described as euphoric, pure joy. I was whole. I swam in an ocean of satisfied hope. While experiencing an OBE, I felt connected to everything and every possibility.

I don’t know why.

What I do know is that we are trapped inside of ourselves. Going out of body gave me a glimpse of something so different, so beyond normal perception that it made me question what reality was. Every message, every sight, every sensation I felt let me know that there is so much we all miss in our reality because we are far too wrapped within the perception of our identities. I am a Chinese, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Happy, Sad, and so on, and so on, type of person. However, these labels are only relative to others who have equal embedding of identification. An Australian Aborigine and African American are only Black beside someone who either identifies as “not Black” or they see as “not Black”, in the same way many Europeans see a thicker shade of orange as red, but Americans will clearly find “blood orange” as a variation of the color sharing that same name.

The trick to seeing the truth of life is not in finding your “right identity”. The trick is to step outside of your identity. While 90% of people you encounter will be heavily entrenched in the persona they have crafted throughout their time here on Earth, your goal needs to be stepping outside of those chains. It is, after all, outside of that mental box where originality lies. And if that is where the origins of originality spawns from then it is outside of your mental box that you are the most you. So, dear reader, I implore you to sit back, get comfortable, and go inward to take a journey on your own Out of Body Experience.

The experiences above were indeed true tales from my personal experiences (Marquis White is the author of this Blog). If you have enjoyed it and wish to read more, I created a novel based loosely on various wild experiences I had in my earlier days of OBE exploration. Link below:


Other books on the subject (this is a favorite of mine is by a a guy named John Magnus)


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