Break Those Chains

Limitations are a bitch. There’s no avoiding them, and they suck ass when we hit that inevitable ceiling. You know the one I’m talking about, the one that reminds us of the fun-killing boundaries we are trapped within. However, what if you did not have to remain stuck? What if it were you that put that ceiling there in the first place?

I’ll be the first to admit how lofty this sounds. We’ve all seen The Secret. We’ve all heard the teeth-grinding commercials on YouTube with the shmucky guy in the glasses telling us just how much he is not flashing that Ferrari into the camera. Yet, aside from shady marketing tactics and baseless fairy-tale Oprah specials, there is some truth to the things guys like Tony Robbins expounds upon. You are and have always been your worst enemy… aside from Hitler, that guy was a raw asshole. But our brains are almost always in a default position to quit when approaching limit-breaking challenges.

First of all, it’s a safety mechanism. We quit early because we feel an instinctual alarm punching our gut, telling us that not going too far is the best thing for us. There is some truth to this. Breaking our limitations requires heading into the unknown, and I don’t mean that shallow area o the water where you can still see the surface and feel comfortable knowing you’re just a few feet under. No. I am talking about the deep, light-free zone of the abyss. There could be sharks out there. There probably are sharks out there. That does not, however, mean don’t explore. It means, you need to understand the world and behavior of sharks if you want to discover new territory and develop the ability to swim father and deeper than ever before.

Here’s the thing, life will bring you piles of poo on a regular basis. As Cesar Millan put it: “Life is brutal to the weak, but not arbitrarily cruel.” This may seem unfair… and that is because it is. Life is not a coach on a soccer field. It is the field itself. It’s the ground on which you play. At the end of the day, it is really up to you to decide if you want to be the ball, getting kicked around by smelly feet and hairy legs, or if you want to be a player, slamming goals on people waiting to catch your kicks.

Check out Tony Robbins here:

Definitely read this book by Cesar Millan:

And while you’re at it go here for some solid Eckhart Tolle. He’s a huge boost if you’re feeling low:

One last “influencer”, Byron Katie:

We are not endorsed by any of these individuals, but we do find them inspiring and highly recommend giving them a read.

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