Ever watch a late night commercial about depression or dysthymia? Ever read that fine print at the very end? It says: the cause of this ailment is, as of yet, unknown…

The cause is… unknown??

Anyone else find that a little troubling? With a correlating rise in medicative, pill-popping addictions, and an increase in cases of depression, high-anxiety, and suicide, it frightens me to know that few people realize this truth. We, as in all of us, including the professionals, are not sure where the large majority of mental illness arises from, let alone lighter cases of mental health “issues”.

I’ve had arguments with people who have been in the field of psychology on this matter. It is never pretty. I am not, and let me clarify, NOT, a therapist or counselor. I’m much like you, an explorer of life. In my business, I surround myself with people in the field, and I must also note that many of those in the field have more issues than their patients. I also find there to be a common issue when discussing certain touchy topics… there is a difficulty approaching the cold, hard honesty of what is not known.

This is not to say that experts are wrong when they rightly state the strong correlation between genetics and mental health “issues”. However, a correlation is not cause. It’s a related factor with strong ties to. And how this correlation is often presented as fact to people suffering from mental health problems. It is not, however, fact. And you need to know this. You need to know that your life and your future is still in your hands. You need to know that the causal factors behind dysthymia, depression, and even the unfortunate resulting cases of suicide are all varied, and still a mystery to all of us.


We all love karma. Although, karma, like all words, has many interpretations. The correlating karma that I speak about is the more common misnomer of: if you are a shitty person today, a storm of poo will shit all over you tomorrow. That $#!T just isn’t true, folks. More importantly, we need to understand the importance of being able to make choices, make mistakes, and appreciate the value of redemption. Somewhere along our culture, we turned into allegorical blood mongers. Maybe this is due to people spending so much god damn time in the shadows of their houses that they’ve forgotten how fallible we ALL are. Yet, the moment we feel wronged, we search for that old rusty pitch fork and run to rally our troops. Many people but on a bullshit happy face or write disingenuous words of “I wish you all the best”, all the while snickering in their cold-damp shadows, and praying for a truck to run you over.

With mindsets like this, it’s no wonder we’re all so freakin’ depressed. Duplicity is an inherent quality, and it isn’t obvious. There’s such a need to “protect my reputation” that we shy away from expressing what we know to be true. This would be a good time to ask yourself “how did so may tyrannical leaders convince normal people to stand by and watch atrocities unfold?” And, while you may not be the next subject of future Hitler, we have to ask ourselves: what does this do to the human mind? When we grow up fearing the truth, hiding our urges, numbed by medication for being too hyper, put into cubical/classroom cages and given so little room to open up, let our nature run wild, and tell the people closest to us what we really think and want to do… how can anyone expect to have balanced mental health?

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