How Many Thoughts Does The Mind Think In One Day?

How many thoughts do you believe you think in a given day?

Precise measurements are not available but experts believe that the human mind thinks an average of 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day. If we average that out, that’s a number of 2,500 – 3,500 per hour.


Some believe that number is slightly lower, however the numbers are astonishing nonetheless. What really starts to get interesting is when we look at how many of those thoughts are repetitive. Dr. Joe Dispenza says that 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as they were the day before. This number may cause you to sweat, because it’s bound to be true. Even more frightening is that the majority of those repetitive thoughts were not originally formed by you.

A question that needs to be asked next is: what creates my life? It is a fair statement to say that the way we perceive the world and the way we conceptualize (think) about it heavily influences our relationships, career, mood, and future. And if 90% of 80,000 thoughts are repetitive and from external sources, then how much of “my” life is lived by “me”? It is, of course, safe to assume that this is true for the majority of people on the planet, give or take a few numbers in the balance. It is, therefore, no wonder why so many people feel hopeless, depressed, powerless… stuck. We are literally spinning in circles within our mind.

So, how do we break this cycle?

What is Meditation?


There are a plethora of distractions available to anyone at any given moment, and this amount is only increasing exponentially. Cellphones, booze, drugs, drama, media… on and on the list goes. But, outer distractions ramp up the mind’s speed or they null the mind into a sort of zombified paralysis.

Meditation does the opposite.

Meditation places you, the conscious being at the helm of your awareness, back in place to listen to the thoughts, sift through them, and navigate into a place without so much clutter. Experts have found that meditating regularly can reduce the insane number of thoughts in your mind from 60,000 – 80,000 to 20,000 – 30,000. This is not only a significant decrease but an amazing way to gain clarity in life and increase the healthy functioning of the mind, both of which can lead to increased success in nearly all ventures and endeavors. And let’s be honest, it’s a better way not to be an A-Hole to those around you.

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