The Uphill River of Change

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi

If you’ve read my blog, Buy My Bullshit, then you know I am not a fan of selling my soul just for the sake of making ends-meat, but this does not mean you need to avoid buying or selling. It simply means buying or selling with genuine intent. As part of our ever-growing nature at EZ Awakenings, we have come across multiple challenges as of late, challenges that have really tested who we are. Some of those challenges were met with resistance, some of them with ease. All of those challenges, however, were 💯% for the better, as they all brought about a message we definitely needed to adhere to: It’s Time To Make A Change.

Read on my dear friends.

Our entire platform in this organization has been to inspire people. From day 1, Victor and I got together with the idea to create an organization that would uplift those who may be down or inspire those who may feel lost. As we grew and expanded, others came into the organization and the lens of that vision got a little dusty. Things started feeling a little “corporate”. Instead of being 100% real, we were becoming corporately cautious.

Fuck That!

If the cost of being “professional” is your honesty, I don’t want it. If you have to lose your ability to speak your mind so that you fit the acceptable mold, I’ll pass. You have 1 life, folks. ONE. If it turns out that you will reincarnate and rebirth as someone’s pet poodle, who gives a shit. You won’t remember it anyways. So, right now is what matters, and integrity is more than a word that makes you look dignified, it means staying true to yourself. And staying true to yourself is a skill. One that requires development.

One of the hardest times to maintain that skill is in the face of change. The mind likes things known and simple. This makes it easy to survive. It will ALWAYS look for the path of least resistance, and this is why it is hard to make those game-changing alterations in your life. It’s why losing weight is such a pain in the ass. Sugar is not just damn tasty, but it easily satisfies your senses. Meditating and relaxing our minds sounds high-minded and noble, but a drink drowns those thoughts out with little effort and a few swallows.

If we use the example of the drinks you will know that this easy-out method comes with major side effects. And just like that random booty-call from an ex-boyfriend you should have ignored, the morning after is full of regrets.

The question we are left with is “how”. How do we make the right kind of change? Sometimes it is good to simply let life happen and we “go with the flow”, but going with the flow can indeed take you to a waterfall and throw you off wildly into drowning waters. So, unless you are interested in taking that plunge, we need to learn how to swim against the grain. Many New-Age gurus will advise you to go with the flow of water, and at times this is a good idea, but certainly not always. Going with the flow is likely what led you to where you are now. Change, my dear friends, requires a different direction. It requires doing something others are not, or at the very least, doing something you are not. The way to acquire a mindset for change is to know that your change leads to good results. I like to put it like this: Taste the win. We all need a Win, and you don’t need a lucky lotto ticket to prove to you that you can be successful. Often there are wins mixed in the mud of those losses.

For example, amidst our deal to create an awesome summit, only to have it go awry by greedy interested parties, I took a look back and realized that I had successfully convinced an organization to spend a rather large sum of money on an idea I created. That instance may not have worked out, but I proved to myself that I had to power to raise funds. And as we all know, raising money is a massive pain in the @$$!

There is a great book I want to recommend to anyone reading this about taking those extra steps to harden up and make changes in your life throughout tough times. It’s called: You Can’t Hurt Me, by David Goggins. Here’s a link:

I am not sponsored by the guy, but holy bananas was that a crazy story. If you want to put your version of “hell” into perspective definitely read this. The guy was born into abuse, Chased after his dreams. And was constantly shot down time after time. Yet, he never gave up. He always remembered to outlast his competition and mastered his worst enemy: his own mind. I suggest listening to the audio version, it’s read by the writer and Goggins himself in a pseudo podcast style.

Thank you folks for reading this blog. This one was inspired late late at night. I am a late late kind of guy.


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