Mental Health Checklist

1. Gratitude: Choose some things or people that you have in your life, and say, I am thankful for fill in the blank. Say it out loud and go into what you feel. The feeling is more important than the words.

2. Forgiveness: Realize that you did the best you could do the day before, and continue with this same attitude the rest of your day. Negativity has no power to change what happened yesterday. Just learn from it and move forward.

3. Silence: Take frequent mental breaks to reflect. Give attention to yourself and take a deep breath, drink water, or eat your lunch without any distractions. This time is crucial if you want to prevent mental fog.

4. Acknowledge: Give some conscious attention to someone else. Say hello to your neighbor. Listen before you formulate a response. Granting another space to be is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

5. Create: Challenge yourself to come up with something new to enhance your life. Devise a new routine at the gym, or figure out a different route to work. It’s totally ok to be inspired by someone else if you need some guidance. Inspiration and creativity go hand in hand.

In no way is this list a magic pill to change your life. All of these steps take some practice. This is a skill like any other. It requires attention, and repetition to become proficient. Improving your mental health needs to be a priority if you want to see results. Have fun with it. Add to the list if you like.

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