Mental Health Bucket List

1. Visit a therapist: If only to see who is behind the curtain. The more you know the less scary things will seem.

2. Turn off the screens: Choose a day to abstain from looking at TV’s, computers, cell phones etc. Anything with a glowing surface that blathers on and on is strictly prohibited. It isn’t called an idiot box for nothing.

3. Make some friends: Go into a public place and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. Fear is not other people.

4. Take a trip: Spend some time in a foreign country. Preferably one where all the people don’t speak your native tongue. You’ll find there is more than one way to communicate, and that people are the same wherever you go. Si pero no.

5. Time to dance: Learn a skill that requires you to use your body. Activities like martial arts, salsa, and yoga engage all of the senses. Self expression is the language of the physical arts.

The purpose of this menu of life is to make you go inside yourself. Even when you get out of your comfort zone, you’ll soon discover the greatest comfort zone resides in your own being. Provided for you will be focus, calm, clarity and the will to face fear with your eyes wide open.

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