How to Be Successful

Welcome Dear World,

We have one more quarter left in 2019, and you know what that means. Big Ass Turkeys. Christmas Gifts. New Year Resolutions. The end is coming, as is the beginning. And, the question on many of our minds is: how do I make some mother fluck!n money?!!!

It ain’t EZ folks. Bringing home the bacon is a tough task when there’s no pig to chop, and if you haven’t noticed… there are a lot of people with knives running around. So, this got me thinking about a question most of us ask at some point in our lives: how do I become successful?

Seeing as I run a mental health educational organization, you might be saying to yourself “he’s going to give me some fluffed up pep-talk about how success is within, and don’t worry about those tasty outer riches”. Well, part of that is true. Success is largely tied to an attitude. It’s hard to find opportunity when your mind only sees failure, and it’s so hard not to see the failure, especially when your baby is crying for breadcrumbs, your socks all have smelly holes in them, and your roof is leaking dog pee. I may not know why your roof leaks dog piss, but I do know this:

The key to your success is LEVERAGE

You must know what you’re worth and you must know how to provide value. If you are only concerned with someone “giving you” an opportunity, you will forever be seen as a beggar with his/her hand out. Most of us do not know that we do this, because we are trained from a very early age to only do this. Creating opportunity is another key point in finding success in whatever endeavor you embark upon but you cannot create opportunity without first honing in on some skill. If you build skill, often through endeavor to create, practice, or aid in others’ endeavors, then you will indeed find that opportunities open up for you. Become renowned in your field an opportunities will seek you out. That is leverage. When you provide value in any capacity, people need you and thus pay for you. If people are not paying for you, then whatever you offer them is not of value to them, regardless of if it is true or false.

We without a ton of dough often bitch and moan about people with money constantly getting free stuff. While on the surface that makes sense as, if you’re wealthy, you don’t need free handouts, but the second the we get around someone with deep pockets we instantly start to think: “Damn, how do I convince this guy to back what I’m doing and give me a start?” and almost always this is accompanied with flattery, gifts, free help in hopes of being “discovered”, and so on.

So, if you’re trying to find a way to name your child Munee Bahgs Jr. and your’e off to a rocky start, remember this: don’t focus on making money. Focus on being the best version of you to deliver the best version of what you can create.

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