Onslaught of Opportunity

You. Have. Failed. These 3 words can crumble your self-esteem. They can shatter your ambition. They can break your spirit… but they are essential to your growth. Make no mistake: You will indeed fail at whatever your efforts are. You may fail big. You may fail small. Nevertheless, like a muscle that needs to tear for your bicep to grow stronger, failure is the best thing that can happen to you.

We often see “successful people” on television and on social media who seem to have simply been blessed with luck. It is as if they were born beneath the “winning” waterfall and just opened their mouth wide for a big gulp, and while there are those born with more opportunities than others, true success takes learning. It takes crafting. It takes toughening of the skin. We’ve all heard the old adage: “There is no success without failure”, and this is true.

But why?

“Why” is the question we need to ask. “Why” helps us craft an understanding as to how we may learn from failures. And the reasons failure helps us create success are as follows:

  1. You learn from what stopped you
  2. You build a mental exterior of impenetrable stability and dexterity
  3. You know where the successes are within the missed opportunity

Now, here is my advice, because waiting for your goals to magically happen after you failed simply because it’s a “rule” to the game won’t help you at all. What you need to do to guarantee your success is: create as many opportunities as you can! Bombard the hell out of your potential outcomes with additional chances! Yes, the odds are stacked against you, but you’re bound to land at least one shot in ten, and you’re bound to land at least ten shots in one hundred. So, if you’re sitting at home moping about your loss, then take a ten minute meditative breather to clear your brain and get Offurazz! Get up, discover a variety of methods to help you succeed and fire every shot you can towards your target, using those beautiful bullet points highlighted above…

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