Taking the Helm

In a world where one man (…or woman) is bombarded with an onslaught of stress and strife, he must enter a new state of being and rise above these challenges to become the ultimate version of himself!

Sounds like a great movie trailer, doesn’t it? In reality, however, the path towards enlightenment is nowhere near as linear, or guaranteed. If you’re reading this blog, you likely find yourself on a path of introspection, encountering a myriad of emotional struggles, setbacks, and soul crushing defeats. Perhaps you’ve listened to Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, even the words of Plato in search of inspiration. And you’ve probably found them! However, the next week begins, and that new high seems to fade. That new inspiration to create those new habits for success rescind and before long you’re back to the same old you…

“Why??!!” you scream. “Why can’t I live the life I really want to live, the way I want to live it? Am I just that bad at living? Did I not follow the right ‘formula’?”

You, dear friend, are not alone. I’ll give you the secret to our most exalted teachers of the mind. And after I give you this… you must repay with many royalties in the form of book purchases and movie ticket sales (yes, we make movies here, damn it!)

Their secret is… they don’t wait.

Yes, you read that right. The “missing” spice that turns them into the gurus you love is: impatience!! Joking aside, these people do not wait for circumstances to show them the right time to get positive, get into the now, get motivated. No, they make it the right time.

70% our mood is unconsciously formed according to our environment. Our moods directly effect the decisions we make. Our decisions directly mold the course of our lives. Waiting for the right conditions to be met will undoubtedly lead us to more of the same, which is why we find ourselves caught in a cycle. If you want to become your own guru, if you want to feel like you’re putting pedal to the medal long after you’ve read the Power of Now or Unlimited Power, then you must take action now. You must Take the Helm.

A few strategies to consider:

  • Change your environment
    • If you can, go someplace that is calm and does not carry a lot of emotional baggage
  • Get moving
    • Long periods of inactivity leads to feelings of lethargy and depression/motion can and will activate motivation (notice the {moti} prefix)
  • Take “Big” action
    • I took this one from Sir Anthony, but it doing whatever you can to act and if and when that action fails, learn from that failure and continue to take MORE action, often take multiple steps while you’re waiting for the original action to yield results
  • Meditate the shit out of your day!
    • Meditation has got to be the biggest factor is finding a clear mind there is
    • Meditation does not have to be related to spirituality, it is the perfect tool to clear your mind and put you in the right frame of thinking to make the best choices possible
    • Doing this often, while at work, before bed, taking a big ol’ poo… taking frequent minutes or even seconds to meditate will most indeed make massive changes in your life

These are but a few suggestions to put you in the driver’s seat. And you must do these or something like them especially when you falter (and I guarantee you will). Remember that your goal is not to become impervious to emotion. You will continue to get upset. You will continue to crave things like shiny new jewelry or sex. You’re HUMAN. But if you truly want to be in control of these urges or desires instead of the other way around, you must not wait. You must… Take the Helm!

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