Diamond in the Rough

Hardships are, well, hard. We all encounter them. We all hate them, to varying degrees that is. Most of us spend a majority of our time wishing fortune would “finally” trickle its way into our lives. However, a quick look at any life, rich or poor, will show that all of us face difficulties. This is not to reduce the impacts of particularly troubled life situations, nor is it to say that you should remain “stuck” where you are and “stop complaining”.

The purpose of this blog is quite the opposite.

When looking for motivation, when searching for a way to make good changes, we all too often forget to look at what we already have. Imagine two stories, or better yet, two movies. Both well acted. Both with great camera work. However the first movie is a tale about a man born in comfort and wealth, always protected, never having to venture out into the unknown… and dies peacefully in bed.

…I can hear you snoring.

The second movie is a tale about a baby set afloat by its mother on a river. He lands in a seedy village, grows, and fights his way against corruption to one day rise above the tyrannical rulers and show others the way towards justice and a better life ahead.

Why is the tale of woe so riveting? Why do our minds prefer the story about suffering over that of pure joy and comfort?

The answer is simple. Just like our eyes prefer more contrast when observing a painting, our minds prefer adversity when developing our lives. Contrast enhances the experience. Enhanced experiences are easier to grow from. We need chaos to appreciate comfort. Adversity makes us stronger, encourages growth, and defines our characters. Our problem is that we become so focused, so anally trapped on how bad things are, that we forget to not only see the good in our lives, but to use the “bad” to become stronger, smarter, and more useful beings in the world. So, when you are dealing with the madness of your life, when it seems as if life has taken one large dump on you, remember that it is that very tale of woe that provides you with the chance to become the hero of your journey. Deep within us all is a yearning, to whatever degree, to break free from our shells and discover who and what we are; and the best way to do this is by knowing and embracing the difference.

Let your life become… the diamond in the rough!

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