Emotional Awareness

The human being has 42 facial muscles at its disposal to express its feelings. Though, of all the possible ways to show our feelings our emotions can be broken down to 4:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Happiness

Or… FASH© (copyright EZ Awakenings 2018)

Joking aside, our emotions will travel with us for the duration of our life. Even those who claim to be absent of emotions, are not absent of

emotions, they’re blocked from feeling their emotions. Emotions are inherent to the human experience. They’re a good thing. Yet, throughout our lives we are promoted to chase only one letter in that acronym: H for Happiness…

(“H for Happiness” copyright 2019-ish, publication pending)

But, why? Why suppress the other emotions? Why fight against a signal telling you there is something wrong. The collective ego of humanity is obsessed with sweeping negative experiences under the rug and focusing only on the positive. Nevertheless, those very negative experiences and emotions can be and often are our greatest teachers. Our emotions are like signals. The greater the emotion, the louder the signal. Some might be the small beep of an alarm clock. Others might be the blare of a tornado-siren, warning you of an encroaching disaster. If you spend your time ignoring such signals, such warnings, and try to cover the sound with the pleasant, happy tunes of beautiful music, then you are not properly informed and will likely ignore the danger that is on its way. If an emotion is reoccurring, then there is something in your life that needs change. It could be an outlook. It could be a person. It could be a stick, lodged within the small tube of your rectum.

The point is, don’t run from your emotion, and don’t attempt to ignore what you feel by covering it up with something more pleasant. If you’re unhappy and you know it raise your hands… then find out why!

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