Getting Into the Zone

The zone is a place of pure bliss and awareness, it is that prized state of enlightenment we spiritual seekers seek, and that plane of existence the world of the miserable needs to know about. It is true salvation; for, as some of you already know, landing 4 million dollars in your bank account will not solve your misery, even though it can give you a period of extreme excitement.

But the Trick to getting into the zone: awareness is the key… but what the hell does that mean? Like all words “Awareness” can have any number of meetings depending on the user’s intent. In this case, I mean inner awareness, and that includes awareness of your senses, which of course includes paying attention to things your eyes pick up.


Heavy meditation can take place at any point during the day, and will certainly drain the mess of thoughts rolling through your mind. That mess of thoughts, by the way, is what’s taking you out of the mental state you want to be in.

2.Find Inspiration

Inspiration, whether it be changes in your lifestyle that you want to make, or accomplishing a goal in life and instill a sense of motivation in you to bring about a state of bliss, but make sure you understand these feelings are coming from within you and it is there that they are amplified.

How to keep in “the Zone”? There are many situations throughout our days that act like sponges for our attention, and if we’re not careful we’ll get sucked into someone else’s world of pain, misery or just plain negativity. In order to keep not just a clear head but a clear spirit, you have to build up that “enlightenment” strength and in order to do that you must use every situation you can as practice.

1.Don’t instantly get wrapped up in activities

2.Take a breather when you feel yourself falling into a mood or below a state of bliss

3.Use introspective methods to take your mind away from mental gossip or chatter—for example: a journal that is used for reflection for your inner state of being

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